Aeikiniton (Perpetual) is a workshop of handmade spinning tops, witch began its travel in the world of swirl in 1999. Its name is inspired from the utopia of the alchemists. Collecting folklore material from al around Greece about this forgotten game, we experimented on shapes and figures and tried to compose the image of the spinning top as it is known by the elders. For the traditional top a necessary component is the rope and the coin that are made in Greece . For the top made of olive wood we use original nails, once made for military boots, just as the children during the 50's and 60's were doing to their tops.

“Aeikiniton” also constructs tops from other countries of the world such as the “dancer” and the “ queen” witch are tops that spin with a support. In November of 2003 Aeikiniton won the first award in the national competition of toys that was organized by the institution of Marianna Vildridis in Thessaloniki .

The magic of the spinning top is a representation, a micrograph, of our natural world. Our planet, our galaxy, the whole universe is turning around in perpetual motion in space and time and the top imitates for a moment this cosmic swirl in front of our eyes. That is how it vibrates the chords of our universal soul, it reminds us unconsciously that everything around us is spinning it makes us tune in to the fast Cosmic Wheel.
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